Experience the Benefits

“In an industry where nothing feels certain allow us to provide you with services that are.”

When it comes to benefits, we’re better togetherBlewett & Associates has combined our experiences and expertise as a team to protect and provide for groups of real people. That means you get the most cost-effective employee benefits, professionally honest advice and customer service that doesn’t quit.

We say this as a team that has lived through unexpected situations where the right series of insurance options and support saved stress, money and actual livesWe stand by commitments that won’t be compromised. The evolving insurance world should never be used as an excuse to be expensive. Great support should be fundamental, not an added fee.

We reduce or eliminate the time spent on administering the employee benefit plan by providing the following ongoing service:

  • Provide an employee communication strategy that will ensure the benefit plan is understood and appreciated by your employees
  • One-on-one training with the Plan Administrator (forms, procedures, online system)
  • Supply information regarding changes in the marketplace and advise which items should be taken into consideration in your program
  • Outline any tax changes or any other governmental changes that affect your program
  • Review and provide monthly ASO Billing Statements
  • Coordinate and Facilitate regular meetings with the Disability and Employee Assistance Providers
  • Provide employee meetings to review the plan and educate employees
  • Provide a Total Compensation Statement annually for each of your employees at no additional cost

We have daily contact with our clients for the following types of service inquiries:

  • Questions regarding benefit specifics — for example requirements for orthotics, sleep apnea, etc.
  • Assistance with Out of Country claims
  • Various Health and Dental claim inquiries – we work with the Insurance Company to provide resolution
  • Provide assistance with RAMQ provisions
  • Conversion options including information on Individual Health and Dental packages
  • Status of disability claims and/or appeals
  • Extension of benefits on employee termination
  • Cost Plus claims for Executives
  • Life & Accident and Serious Illness claims – provide paperwork and assistance completing forms
  • Provide supplies and up-to-date forms

The Annual Renewal Review occurs to allow the insurance carrier to assess the cost of providing insurance for your organization and to ensure the premium will be sufficient to fund the probable level of claims for the upcoming year. It also provides an opportunity for us to work with our clients to ensure the plan continues to meet the needs of their employees.

Services we provide annually at the renewal of the employee benefit plan:

  • Represent your interest when dealing with the Insurance Company
  • Ensure the Insurance Company remains competitive through market surveys
  • Negotiate insured rates and ASO expenses with the Insurance Company to ensure the plan remains competitive
  • Review and assist in the interpretation of experience information from the Insurance Company
  • Complete an annual review of the employee benefit plan
  • Make recommendations and provide solutions tailored to suit your company philosophy, your unique needs and your budget

We’ll educate, negotiate, recommend and represent, until you and your employees are totally taken care of.