Global Medical Care Insurance

Global Medical Care is a unique and comprehensive global medical insurance policy that gives you immediate access to the best medical care (leading hospitals, cutting edge treatments and drugs, and top physicians) anywhere in the world, allowing you to follow your desired healthcare path.

Standard global insurance benefits include 100% coverage for hospitalization (room and physician fees), surgery and outpatient surgery, emergency room services, diagnostic services, and cancer treatment. To meet your specific financial needs you can choose an annual deductible of $250 up to $20,000. After the deductible, all medical expenses are paid at 100%.

Additional features that are also standard include:

  • Maternity care
  • Transplants
  • Air ambulance
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Prescription drugs and medical equipment.

Global Medical Insurance is available to employers and individuals that seek to complement their provincial health coverage, employer Health plan or Critical Illness plans with personal medical support, immediate empowerment, global access and total peace of mind. As a medical insurance plan, Global Medical Care is not taxable to you and you may be eligible to deduct premiums paid as a health expense.