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Terminating an employee? Cutting off insurance benefits can come back to haunt you.

April 3, 2017 - Special to the Globe and Mail, 

Terminating an employee is always difficult, but when it comes to employee benefits, both employees and ...

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Younger employees want health benefits that meet their needs: survey

BY Jennifer Paterson, | February 2, 2017 Only 37% of millennial and generation Z employees who have access to workplace health benefits feel their plan fully meets their needs, according to new research by Sun Life Canada. “I looked at that ...

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Understanding the Costs of Dental Benefits

February 22, 2016 | Benefits Canada If employees don’t understand their dental benefits, they may pay unexpectedly out of pocket for their expenses. Worse, they could be vulnerable to fraudulent dental claims that contribute to rising insurance premiums. And with ...

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5 Workplace Wellness Mistakes To Avoid

Greg Bambury | May 4, 2015 When we think about employee health, we often focus on the physical element. That type of health is visible, and when changes occur, you can see them. But mental health and wellness are also important—and you ...

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Generic Drugs Versus Brand-Name: What’s the Difference?

Is There A Difference In Quality? Health Canada reviews and approves all drugs (brand-name and generic) before they can be sold in Canada. Health Canada mandates that a generic drug is designed to work the same way in the body as the original ...

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Hepatitis C – How It May Affect Your Group Benefit Plan

Hepatitis C is a liver disease. This virus may be acquired through heroin use, blood transfusions, tattooing or acupuncture. Approximately 25% to 35% of patients clear the virus from their body naturally. Chronic Hepatitis C can lead to cirrhosis or ...

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