Dan Hurrell
Associate Partner

After graduating UWO, Dan, went on to a post graduate degree at Ohio University.

Business career started in 1991 with Xerox Canada. The business training at Xerox proved to be an excellent foundation for entrepreneurship.

As a founding partner of Conversys in 2000, Dan was part of a successful software company, head office London, sales offices in Toronto and Chicago, that created the e-flyer platform. A marketing tool that would be used by all major retailers in Canada and the United States. Conversys was successfully acquired by TC Transcontinental after 11 years of fun and growth.


The next chapter was the formation of Your Group.ca. Dan understands what business owners face when it comes to attracting and retaining employees, managing drug/healthcare costs, and getting passionate about mental health. In order to manage growth, Dan has partnered with Blewett and Assoc. Mike Blewett's vision, experience and support staff will provide the foundation to ensure clients are satisfied.