What is unique about technology companies are that the majority of them are comprised of the millennium generation and their companies are just starting out. The challenge is to provide a good solid benefit plan to provide security for their employees and their families. At the same time the company has to be very cognisant of cost. Each case is unique so the one size fits all definitely does not apply.

We have many tax advantage tools at our disposal to create a very efficient and attractive benefit plan, one that not only helps to maintain current employees but also helps the company to recruit new employees forming part of their total compensation package.

Two very successful new organizations that come to mind in the London area are CarProof and Race Roster. In Eastern Ontario, Mettrum that has grown from 14 employees to 50 in the last year.

A flagship company that Blewett & Associates have worked with for over 25 years is Trudell Medical in London. Trudell has developed significant medical devices, and manufactures them in London, which are distributed all over the world.