What our Clients Say

Michelle Palmer, Executive Director, Community Living London

“The Blewett team is quick to respond to claim questions.”

James Bennett, Owner, Fiat of London

“We deal directly with Mike and his team and they represent our best interests with insurance providers.”

Denise House, Director of Human Resources, Community Living Elgin

“Blewett has negotiated the most cost effective plan for our staff.”

As our agent for employee benefits both bargaining unit and non-bargaining unit since 2003, Blewett & Associates has been able to negotiate the most cost effective plan for our staff. We have found that Blewett & Associates have always looked after the best interests of the organization while meeting the needs of our employees. From explaining administration requirements to our benefit’s person obtaining specific details on a unique claim situation with our insurer, we have experienced terrific customer service and the follow through from everyone at Blewett & Associates.

Linda Sibley, Executive Director, Addiction Services of Thames Valley

“The team at Blewett & Associates is excellent and we think very much alike. They are always attentive to our needs as a client and offers suggestions, recommendations and support whenever needed. They are truly committed to excellent customer service.”

Richard MacGregor, Controller, Merrymount Children’s Centre

“Blewett strives to provide the best benefits solutions for our employees at the best price.”

Blewett & Associates have handled the Group Insurance needs of our employees here at Merrymount Children’s Centre since 1997. They are always striving to provide the best “benefits mix” for our employees at the best price and are an excellent resource when it comes to renewals, weighing alternatives, etc. On the administrative side, Blewett & Associates handles any questions or concerns in a very timely and professional manner always doing their utmost to ensure we are satisfied. It is a pleasure working with Blewett & Associates and I look forward to a long association.

Greg Rumble, President and COO, Contrans Corporation

“Blewett understands our needs and successfully presents them to the marketplace”

In 2003 we began working with Blewett & Associates to get results. We needed representation by a reputable, knowledgeable and professional Benefits Consulting firm. Blewett & Associates have exceeded our expectations here and on many other levels.

Blewett & Associates understands our needs and have successfully presented them to the marketplace. They are very helpful, often making suggestions for changes, which shows an understanding of our employees. They have added value to our Benefits Program and continue to so do throughout the year.

We are extremely confident in the abilities of Mike and his team and are very pleased with the exceptional service we receive. This team is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend Blewett & Associates as your representation for your Benefit Program.

Bob Paterson, CFO, Trudell Medical Group

“Blewett demonstrates a commitment to customer service that is second to none in the industry.”

Blewett & Associates has been associated with Trudell Medical Group as our insurance broker since 1991. Throughout the years they have provided superior customer service and have been an excellent resource for benefits information.

Blewett & Associates demonstrates a commitment to customer service that is second to none in the industry. Any questions or concern is quickly handled in a very professional manner. Their team is a pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending Blewett & Associates.

Peter Hall, President, Autotube Limited

“Blewett offered one-on-one consultation for each employee during the switch to a new benefit plan.”

Blewett & Associates have been handling our employee benefits since 1994 and have been providing us with excellent service. We recently revamped our benefit package in a more favourable way for our employees and Blewett & Associates was able to offer us a number of alternatives to meet our needs without a major increase to the cost. They provided one-on-one consultation for each employee during the switch over to the new benefit plan and are always available for any administrative questions we may have. It is our belief that Blewett & Associates goes the distance in ensuring we get the best available price. We are pleased with Blewett & Associates and look forward to a long relationship with them.

Lori Bishop, Office Manager, Yarmouth Group Inc.

Blewett & Associates has been handling our group benefits since 1994. Excellent service and competitive prices, along with a personal level of communication between our company and theirs has kept our business relationship bound. With such an outstanding commitment to hard and honest work, I highly recommend the service of Blewett & Associates.

Nancy Woodworth, President, Robert Q’s Airbus & Travel Mart Inc.

“We rely on their expert knowledge in the field of employee benefit insurance.”

Robert Q continually strives to provide the highest level of service to both our customer and staff. We choose business partners like Blewett & Associates who understand our needs and share our commitment to service. Blewett & Associates have consistently delivered on their promise of value, performance and innovative solutions. We rely on their knowledge in the field of employee benefit insurance. Robert Q is proud to be associated with the first class team of professionals at Blewett & Associates.

George Trisic, Chief Administration Officer and Corporate Secretary, Liberty Algonquin Business Services

“My own experience with brokers is that in longer relationships they tend to get lazy or complacent. This has definitely not been the case with BLEWETT & ASSOCIATES INC.”

Our company has worked with Blewett & Associates Inc. for over 20 years. Notwithstanding the long relationship, unlike many brokers who grow complacent over time I have found them very responsive to changes in our business that required fresh thinking or a quick turnaround on quotes or policy changes and amendments.

Blewett & Associates Inc. are very customer service oriented, my team interacts with them on a daily basis. The customer service level is very high; they are very responsive to questions and requests. Mike Blewett has assembled a very capable and knowledgeable team.

I have worked with many brokers during my career. With Blewett & Associates Inc. you get the best of both worlds, the sophistication of a Marsh or AON but the benefit of a more intimate and small broker experience.